Iron Maiden

5 Reasons My Favorite Lead Singer Is Better Than Yours

4. He Has Better Stage Presence

There are a lot of great bands out there that I enjoy – with a lot of great singers. And those singers do really nice job of sining. Just standing there. And signing. Maybe sometimes they move around and get into it a little. Sometimes they wave the crowd on. Sometimes they may even dive into the crowd (Bruce is far a far too dignified Englishman to do that).

Bruce is like a giant ball of energy. He never seems to stop. Whether he’s running from end of the stage to the other, jumping seemingly out at you on the front of the stage (I got to witness that from the 4th row once) or – as you’ll see in this video – he gets into the theatrics of things, the man has move charisma, more balls, and is more of showman than any other heavy metal lead singer. Ever.

This past August, Bruce Dickinson turned 56 years old – and he’s still running around like a crazy man.


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