How Does Jeff Fisher Still Have a Job As An NFL Head Coach?

I know what you’re thinking – what does this have to do with Tom Brady, John Cena, or Luke Skywalker? – but something struck me odd the other day. We’ve seen NFL head coaches losing their jobs this week – and a couple we thought were going to but surprisingly have not. What I haven’t heard a lot of is talk about Jeff Fisher. I believe there was one radio show that brought up some interesting facts (I think it was on Mad Dog Radio, I apologize for not remembering) that led me to think – how the hell does this guy still have a job?

I was a goddamn freshman in college when this guy became the head coach of the Houston Oilers in 1994. Since then he has been a head coach every year except for one. 21 years as a head coach in this league and he’s won NOTHING. He came very close in 1999. Very close.

That was sixteen years ago.

He did coach a 13-3 Titans team in 2008.

That was seven years ago.

Since then he’s been either mediocre or just plain bad. In his past six seasons, the best he’s done is win eight games. That was with his old team. Since taking over as the Rams head coach in 2012, he’s coached them to four straight losing seasons and zero playoff games. A 27-36 record.


Just to compare, the Cardinals – who won the division that Rams are in – has won 24 games in the past two seasons, only three less than the Rams have in the four years Jeff Fisher has been their coach.

And yet, earlier this week the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Fisher fired 5 assistant coaches. That leads me to believe he’s still in charge and not going anywhere.

That is of course unless the team moves, then I am sure that he’ll move right along with them and lead them to another 7 win season.

Maybe that’s it? Maybe the owner is so involved with trying to leave St. Louis that he forgot to notice that his coach is a failure.


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