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The Godfather (1972)

50 years ago, Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo brought us a cinematic masterpiece – one of the greatest movies of all time – The Godfather. Today, our usual gang, Chris, Mikey and Dave are joined by a new member of the FNE family, and a literal member of Chris and Dave’s family, Chris’ baby brother Greg. Together the four of spend a few hours going through this legendary movie, while enjoying a beverage or two. Or three.

Also, Greg is running in this year’s Boston Marathon. Why would someone run so long on purpose when nobody is chasing them? Well, in Greg’s own words:

“I am one of many who hope to do just that on April 18th at the 126th Boston Marathon. Not to just fulfill some crazy dream, but to do it while helping Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund fight cancer.”

Yes Greg is raising money for an amazing cause, and if you have a chance please check out Greg’s Fundraising page and donate if you can.

Check out Greg's Fundraising page

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