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Hi, my name is Mike. I am a geek – and I am proud of it.

The geek seed was planted in me as a kid. I loved television, movies, and comic books. I actually read the novelization of Tim Burton’s Batman back when I was in seventh grade. I remember one summer actually renting (and enjoying) that horrible Captain America movie.

When my brother collected baseball cards, I collected Non-Sport cards, which I would say now are geek cards.

I left some of my friends once so I could go to Chris’ Comics in Salem, NH and meet Dan Jurgens – one of the men responsible for killing Superman.

I didn’t realize it then, but I there was a big part of me that was totally into geeky things. When I was in college I discovered R.A. Salvatore and have read over 40+ books with his fantasy characters.

Now, in my 30s and married, I go to the library to get comic books, I scour the Internet everyday for movie and TV news, and I watch more shows than man would think possible 10 years ago.

My favorite shows are Lost, Chuck, Smallville, Fringe and Supernatural.

Need I say more?

I am starting Geek Mentality as a place where I can talk about all this stuff. I am hoping to get some of my friends to join me, because if a geek knows one thing – it’s other geeks.

So, here’s to the geek mentality‚Ķ..

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