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Looking Ahead to Fringe – Season 3

There may not be a show that I am looking forward to returning more than FOX’s Fringe.

This season of Fringe has been fantastic, and the larger overall story has really been one of the, if not THE, smartest and most unique things on television. When I first became aware of this show I almost wrote it off as another X-Files rip-off, or just another show that claimed to be “different” and “edgy” but didn’t deliver.

Now, heading into season a third season I can’t believe I ever felt that way.

Now I know the finale was over a month ago, so this isn’t the most timely post – and a lot of this is off of memory alone – so this probably wont’ be the most educated post – but I did just want to talk about a few things that I am expecting to see going forward.

The major theme of the second season was the alternate universe, how Walter managed to create a window, then a door, then was able to take Alt-Peter through that door as a child – and the consequences that resulted because of it.

Most notably – the Walternate. Is that not the greatest name ever?

Because of Walter’s selfish choice, the Walternate has been working towards going between worlds so that he can bring his son back. Of course it turned out that he didn’t just want his son back so they could play catch of go on a fishing trip. He needed Peter as a catalyst for a weapon he’d created.

The questions this brings up is – how can Peter be this ammunition? What makes him so special? I don’t think this was addressed (forgive me if I’m wrong) and I hope it is brought up next season.

Of course Walternate, aka Mr. Secretary, wasn’t able to go through with his plan because our Walter and our Olivia went over to the other side to get him back. Our Olivia was able to finally convince Peter to come back, so all’s well that ends well.

Play some Journey, fade to black.

Not exactly.

I have to be honest, I thought the “Over There” storyline, and the Walternate and Other-Olivia storyline was going to end with the climax of this season – and I was wrong.

And this opens up some pretty great doors for next season. As it turns out, during their escape from the Alt-U there was a diversionary explosion caused by William Bell. In the chaos, our Olivia was knocked out – and their Olivia slipped in to take her spot.

You could tell something was up right away, and the final moments of the season confirm it. Other-Olivia is now in our world and she’s there working for Walternate. She’ll probably work on getting Peter back, and this should lead to some interesting drama as this Olivia tries her best to everyone to think she is our Olivia.

I wonder if some part of her at some point will gain compassion for Walter and Peter and actually help them get our Olivia back? That wouldn’t surprise me.

Because, while Other-Olivia has infiltrated our universe, our Olivia is held up in some kind of holding cell, with Walternate watching over her.

The final moments of season 2 make you feel just as helpless as our Olivia because its us and her – we are the only ones that know the truth and there’s not a thing we can do about it.

So season three is going to pick up basically where this left off, and I think/hope that the Alt-U will play a huge part in next season. I hope we get to visit it frequently, because I love checking out all the Easter Egg stuff – the “Back to the Future: Starring Eric Stoltz” being my absolute favorite.

I also hope next season we see a mending of fences between Walter and Peter. There will be seas of distrust that will have to be crossed for Peter, I am sure, but I hope he can realize that he was actually better off being with his crazy father instead of his evil one!

And in between this wonderful story, I look forward to individual episodes of the fun, weird, scary, and absurd – because isn’t that the Fringe way?

Just typing this is getting me excited about the show’s return and it’s killing me that I have to wait a few more months. But, I found a great podcast to tide me over. Check out the aptly titled show, “The Fringe Podcast.” I’ve tried a few different Fringe related podcasts and this one by far has been my favorite – and is now the only Fringe show I listen to.

I’m working on catching up to their latest episode, but don’t plan on rushing because it’s nice to be able to pace myself and enjoy smart Fringe talk all through the summer.

As a kid I loved summer and wished it would never end. As I get older and geekier, I just want July and August to fly by so we can get all our shows back!

And Fringe is at the top of that ever growing list!

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