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I’m Captain Kirk!!!

These are the moments I love being able to take screenshots with my iPod Touch…

I watched “The Enemy Within” today, my 5th episode of Star Trek and maybe they just keep getting better, but this one may be my favorite yet and it’s all for one reason.

William Shatner.

Shatner’s Kirk makes this episode this time around – mainly because there was more of him to go around. We get Kirk we somewhat know, though much less decisive and less “captain-like” and……

We get evil Kirk.

I enjoyed watching how they pulled of the two Kirks using the old fashion (though not for that time) split screen and body double.

And I liked that in this episode we’re seeing more Scotty and more Sulu – they’re definitely being showcased as two of the main crew – even if Sulu was freezing his photon torpedo off for most of this episode.

But again in this episode we get more Janice and no Uhura. I wonder how long it takes for Uhura to be more showcased. And, I just assume that Janice gets phased out, but I really don’t know. For all I do know, she could be part of the crew the entire time. She could also have a bit part in one or more of the movies. I just don’t remember her and she obviously isn’t seen as one of the main characters by today’s standards, but as of right now she’s definitely the featured crew member outside of the main crew.

Her and her giant blonde hair….

Next stop – Mudd’s Women. I sense some Kirk machismo coming up….

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