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Did you Watch American Horror Story: Asylum?

If you were a fan of the first season of American Horror Story, I am sure you knew that last night was the premiere of the second season. However, if you didn’t watch one second of the first season – it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t get started on he second season…..

Did you watch it? If so – read on.

Last night started an entirely new story by the same minds that bring us Glee (that alone is scary). If you didn’t watch last year – don’t worry about it – even though there are some familiar faces fro the first season they’re all new characters with no ties to the first story.

While the first season dealt with a haunted house, ghosts – and devil babies – this season deals with a creepy old insane asylum. But, since you already watch it – you already know that. So, instead of just rehashing everything that went on in the episode I’m just going to hit on a few things that stood out to me.

  • At first I was thinking that this story was based in reality where the bad people are the people running the asylum and taking advantage of the inmates – but the idea of bringing buckets of dead people leftovers to the woods totally shoots that down – thankfully. I want supernatural elements to this story and this one brings them. What are those things in the woods? I was getting a “The Village” vibe but I know the payoff won’t be as lame. I think there are creatures in the woods and the doctor is keeping them at bay by giving them the leftovers from his experiments. 
  • I want to call him Tate (from last season) but Kit – the man accused of killing women (including this wife) claims that it was really aliens. That i was TOTALLY not expecting – especially when the doctor pulls out what appeared to be proof he was telling the truth. What do you think of that? Aliens on this show? I guess if rubber clad ghosts can impregnate women with half-devil babies, why can’t we have aliens?

As far as the mysterious/otherworldly goes, that’s all that comes to mind. But if you just want to go with the creep factor – the episode was chock full of it from top to bottom with fantastic performances across the board.

My question to you is. What did you think? Where do you think it’s going? Will it live up to last year’s hit first season? The story seems “bigger” than last year and I think it’s going to a wild ride every Wednesday night at 10pm….I know I’ll be there.

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