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My Theory of What We Saw on Fringe

If you aren’t caught up with Fringe, do not continue reading this.

The end of last week’s episode of Fringe just made this entire season that much more awesome. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this new season of Fringe. It almost felt like a spin-off with most of the major characters. It’s been really good, but it’s felt different.

However, with the end of this last episode, the final Fringe of 2012, I think the reveal may have just brought together much of the previous story line with this current story line – and I think it was pretty great.

I was listening to The Fringe Podcast and they brought up a theory that Walter perhaps worked with September to transform him into Donald and they will work together to bring down the Observers.

But here’s my theory.

What if Donald was first? We know that Observers are from a distant future. What if Walter worked with Donald to discover a way to get him to that future. In that future, he infiltrates and becomes an Observer (much like Peter almost did). As an Observer he realizes how important Peter Bishop is and comes back to save him – before Walter knew Donald.

At the end of season 4, September approached Walter to start the plan to defeat the Observers. My guess is, he made Walter meet with his past self, Donald, and started the path that sent Donald to the future – to become an Observer – and come back to help save the world, starting with saving Peter.

I have to be honest, it made more sense in my head. I think I am finding holes it as I type it, but I wanted to get it out there before I forgot.

In reality, I bet Walter pulls the tech out of September and he regresses to standard “human” form – but MAYBE, just maybe I’m on to something….

Happy Holidays! 

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