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Goodbye Breaking Bad

I literally have nothing new to add to all the other articles and posts talking about the end of Breaking Bad. Seriously – nothing.

But there is no way a moment like this can go by without me acknowledging it here. Tonight is one of those rare moments – a moment where we say goodbye to a television show that has ONLY gotten better as time’s gone by.

It’s not often that amazing storytelling and amazing acting performances come together to make television history. Breaking Bad is one of those moments.

And I just needed to document that I was part of the lucky group of (millions of) people who get to watch it come to end when it indeed comes to an end (meaning I’m not one of those people on Netflix who will fall in love with this show next year or years to come – I was there when in happened – and I imagine you were too.)

So that’s it – Goodbye Walter White. Goodbye Jesse Pinkman.

Just please on your way out – make sure that one of you kills the shit out of Todd and his Uncle Jack.

That is all I ask…..

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