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Goodbye Fringe

I remember trying out this new show on Fox called Fringe – because J.J. Abrams was the executive producer. I watched the first couple episodes then let it fall to the wayside – my major problem was that Walter Bishop seemed to always be at the center (or had worked on a related experiment) of each story….

Of course looking back on it now – how stupid of me. It wasn’t just a dumb coincidence that put Walter in the middle of all these stories.

Walter was the story.

We were having a family dinner at my parent’s house, when my brother told me that I was missing out on Fringe and should be watching it. I am glad that I listened to him and went back to catch up.

Now, five seasons later and tonight we all say goodbye.

Goodbye to a show that provided hours of amazing entertainment. Goodbye to characters that I’ve enjoyed spending time with and watching grow and change (in ways no other show could possibly pull of).

Goodbye Fringe! We’ll miss you.

What more can I say?

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