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A Good Song Made Great by the Live Experience

People who know me know that my favorite band is a bunch of old British guys – Iron Maiden. I fell in love with them in 8th grade. I’ve seen them in concert 8 times. I wrote a paper on them in college. I once did a podcast on them, and I still (kinda) have a blog about them.

Anyway, this video above is from a 2009 Maiden movie, but the song is from a 1992 album. At the time, I didn’t love the song. I thought it was good, but it didn’t really connect with me. It wasn’t until I heard a live version of the song – and how the audience participates – that I finally felt something for the song.

It just goes to show that good can be made great if you have a band that knows how to put on a killer show.

If you don’t like Maiden, if you don’t like hard rock / metal, I urge you still to just give it a listen and see maybe a bit of what I see. What I see is thousands of people having as much fun as I’ve had doing the same thing when I’ve seen Maiden live.

Up the Irons.

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