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Thoughts on the New Supergirl Trailer

The strangest thing about the new Supergirl trailer is the fact that it’s on CBS. It’s not an hour drama targeting my parents’ generation, nor it is a half-hour comedy with a laugh track telling you that something funny just happened. And yet, it’s on CBS.

CBS. Not the CW.

Of course the CBS Corporation is part owner of the CW, along with Warner Bros. who of course owns DC Comics. Maybe somebody finally got to Les Moonves and told him that they could target a younger demographic – the same demo the CW targets – with a show like this? I totally assumed that this would be a CW show, to go along with Arrow and The Flash. However, putting this show on CBS could be seen as a stroke of brilliance.

CBS easily kills all over networks in overall viewers. This show is going to have extra viewers simply because of the fact that people like my in-laws don’t usually change the channel after watching the CBS Evening News. They may not stick with it, but it will attract a much winder audience being on the Tiffany Network – not to mention Supergirl is a much wider known hero than either the Flash or Green Arrow. People may not know the story, but they see a flying girl wearing an S on her chest, and they’ll know right away what they’re looking at.

And the fact that there was talk about this being in the same universe as CW’s Flash and Arrow means that there might be crossovers, which could bump up the awareness of those two great/fun shows.

Oh, but I haven’t even talked about the actual trailer yet.

There are parts of it I do like, and parts that I’ll put up with even, and one thing that annoyed the hell out of me. I’m a Superman fan, so of course I like EVERYTHING that has to do with the mythology, the mentions of Superman, and all that other comic book stuff.

(I started this post days ago and just watched the trailer again. I think there is only one thing that I didn’t like. Everything else I enjoyed.)

The government guy saying, “You wanna help? Go back to getting someone’s coffee.”

Would he REALLY say that when he knows she’s a Krytonian? I guess he says he doesn’t trust aliens, but jeez a little sexist maybe? And by that I mean, poorly written attempt at sexism that came over too dramatic. And it almost makes Kara give up?

This seems like the trailer we are seeing is mainly of the pilot, and they seem to cover a lot of ground there.

I will be 39 years old by the time this show starts. And I’ll be watching a show called “Supergirl” every week – or at least the first few weeks. Oh who am I kidding it takes a show to be pretty crappy for me to give up on it. I still watch Once Upon a Time for some reason.

What’s one more superhero show?

Growing up? That’s for mature people….

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