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Happy Days: “White Christmas” (25 of 25)

Well. Here we are. Merry Christmas everybody, and welcome back – for the last time this year – to Sitcom All Ye Faithful. It’s just me here for the final episode and once again we’re heading back to Milwaukee to spend time with the Cunninghams and their friends. I want to thank everyone who listened this month – big thanks to everyone who found us on YouTube!

I also want to thank all the guests who joined me once again this year. Thank you Eric, Chris, Jason and Brandon! It was great talking to you about some of these great – and not so great – episodes of television.

Even though this year is done, there are still plenty of Christmas sitcoms to talk about. So, let’s do this again next year, shall we? Until then, thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing. AND. HERE. IS. MY. THEME SONG!

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