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Three’s Company: “Three’s Christmas” (8 of 25)

Come and knock on our door….If you’re here to hear about more Christmas sitcom magic! Welcome back friends – it’s day 8 and today I’m talking about the classic show, Three’s Company. When talking about today’s show, I hope that I’ll be able to fit it in – there’s only one way to find out.

Okay now – someone who doesn’t know I’m talking about a podcast (preferably my landlord) will read that and think – oh now what is he talking about. Classic miscommunication comedic perfection. That was a mainstay for Jack, Janet, Chrissy, and the other blondes who took over when Chrissy (aka Christmas Snow) left to be a sheriff.

What’s also interesting about today’s Sitcom All Ye Faithful entry? This was a show that I was NOT ALLOWED to watch! Why? Watch the episode on Pluto, then come back to listen and find out!

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