Iron Maiden

5 Reasons My Favorite Lead Singer Is Better Than Yours

2. He’s A Frigging Pilot

Why else would he start his own aviation company? I could’ve fit this into #3, but I think this one is worth it’s own number – and it made it easier for me to come up with 5. Okay, there are a lot of people out there who have their pilot’s license and can fly an plane. But how many of them actually worked as a commercial pilot flying those big-ass 757 air crafts?

And how many singers actually were the pilot – for the jumbo jet – of the band, flying the band and its crew and it’s equipment all over the world?

They even made a movie about it back in 2009.

And when a travel company collapsed, and passengers were stranded all over the world, guess who one of the pilots was?

Yes – it was Bruce Dickinson. Obviously.

Oh man, he’s just so much better than your favorite lead singer. It’s not even close.


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