Iron Maiden

5 Reasons My Favorite Lead Singer Is Better Than Yours

1. He Has Been Doing It For Over Thirty Years, And He Still Doesn’t Need His Band To Tune Down a Step

With all the different waters that Bruce dips his toes in – the most important one to me is his time with Iron Maiden. He’s been singing Maiden songs for over 30 years, and my favorite thing about him is – if you see him live today – you will basically get the same experience as you will if you saw him 30 years ago.

I recently saw Judas Priest. I loved it, but I could tell that the instruments were tuned down a step. The reason they do that is so it’s easier for the lead singer to hit the notes. He doesn’t have to go that high. You see it all the time, especially with bands that rely on singers hitting certain notes. If you listen to a live Ozzy/Sabbath song from 15 or 20 years ago, hell maybe even 10 years ago, and you listen to him now – the music is way lower allowing Ozzy to hit those notes. When you listen to a studio album over and over, and then you hear the tuned down live version, it does bother me a bit – but it’s not as big of a deal when you’re actually there live and in the moment.

That being said. Bruce frigging Dickinson does not need to tune down a damn thing.

Exhibit A – Iron Maiden performing Revelations (a version of which he sang in that Cathedral video) back in 1985:

Exhibit B – Iron Maiden performing Revelations WAY back in June 2014:

29 years separate those videos. The man is older, grayer, and has more wrinkles – but he still sings his ass off on every album and every live show and THAT is the number 1 reason why Bruce Dickinson, my favorite lead singer, is better than your favorite lead singer.

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