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Maiden Fan Podcast: Mike’s Unheard Iron Maiden Setlist

On August 1st, the handsome and modest host of the Maiden Fan Podcast, Mike (@MaidenPodcast) will be going to see his favorite band in the world for a 10th time. While he impatiently waits for that day to come, he got to thinking – how many Iron Maiden songs have I NOT heard live? And out of those songs – which are the ones I would love to eventually hear some day?

It was at this point that he decided to cancel the modeling job he was about to be paid handsomely for and instead record a podcast not just talking about the songs he has never heard live – but choosing fifteen of those songs and crafting his ideal setlist. His perfect Iron Maiden Unheard Setlist. So please listen and enjoy this episode, and let Mike know what you think either through Twitter or by leaving a review at Apple Podcasts.

Oh, and if you’re interested, you can listen to setlist in its entirety over at Spotify – or through the Spotify Playlist below.

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Fans Not Experts owns no rights or claims to any of the music used in this episode. All songs used for review/podcast purposes only – and because Mike loves them so much.


Check out The Setlist Playlist!

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