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The Acolyte Tonight – Episode 7: “Choice”

Greetings cool kids! Tuesday night just happened – which means that we get an all new episode of the The Acolyte! Choice is the penultimate episode (how is there not an infomercial for something called the “Penultimate” – the world’s greatest writing instrument? Okay, let me get back on track…). Is next week the end of the season or the series? Only time will tell. We got a lot of answers in this episode, but I wonder if any of it will change the mind anyone (both in the show and us watching at home).

This week I decided to put the episode out on video – so if you’re on Spotify or YouTube, you have a chance to see the face of the man my wife calls “handsome” (she doesn’t use air quotes, but it’d be hilarious if she did).

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