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Gravity : #FNEmoviemonth (16 of 30)

I am thrilled to start the second half of the FNE Movie Month with the incredible spectacle that is last year’s Gravity!

This movie is a fairly basic story that is housed within a visual masterpiece. Not a very long movie at barely over 90 minutes. Not a lot of characters to learn, really only Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are all you have to worry about, and really it’s Sandra Bullock’s movie.

Well Sandra Bullock and director Alfonso Cuarón. He directed this effect heavy movie, while Bullock steered you along the story. While the story again is fairly basic, it’s how it was told and how it was shown that made this so special.

In endless space, Cuarón can make you feel like a shipwrecked captain – alone in a vast empty nothing, and then make you feel claustrophobic a moment later by closing in on Bullock and even seamlessly bringing us into her space helment – into her eyes.

How this must have played on an Imax screen! Of course I watched it mostly on an iPad screen – and my 17” laptop….Not the same experience at all, but still the size of the screen did nothing to take away from the size of this movie.

And it’s funny because this is a very small movie and a very large movie all at the same time. 

I imagine a lot of Blu-Rays of this movie being purchased so that a lot of folks can show off just how good their home theaters are.

Very happy to finally have seen this movie. Very happy to make it on of the 30 in 30.

Very happy that an effects heavy movie – where you’re constantly staring at visual effects – does not feel like you’re just watching people standing in front of a green screen…Even though it mostly was.

Just very happy with this movie.

16 DOWN. 14 TO GO.

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