Six years.

I can’t believe it took me six years to finally see Hellboy II: The Golden Army since it’s release in 2008. I think that’s actually around the time I finally saw the first Hellboy, probably because I was interested in this one. Well, I am glad it only took me six years to finally quench that interest.

Maybe if they make a 3rd one I can see it before more half a decade goes by.

I am 8 days into my 30 days, 30 movie project and I am having lots of fun finally seeing all the movies I’ve been putting off. I already have the next 3-4 planned out, and then who knows where the rest of the month will take me.

Tonight it took me back to another Guillermo del Toro film that features Ron Perlman. Unlike Pacific Rim, Perlman plays the main titular character. Red.


I really dug this movie. I’ve read a bunch of the comics years ago, probably after seeing the first movie, and I’ve always enjoyed the characters and the adventures they find themselves in.

These movies literally take that world and bring it to life I think in a way only Guillermo del Toro can do. Nevermind the main characters that Mike Mignola first brought to us 20 years ago, but all the other weird creatures and characters that we meet just felt so….del Toro.

And that is a compliment.

The thing I really liked about this movie is that you really had a sense of what you were seeing actually being there. I am sure there was a ton of CGI, but when you’re looking at something and you are not sure if it’s CGI or a practical effect, that is when I am truly impressed.

Just as we can only think of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, how could we ever – ever – see Hellboy as anyone other than Ron Perlman.

You’d think the character was written with him in mind it fits so perfectly.

A part he was born to plan in a movie del Toro was born to direct.

It’s weird, it’s fantastical, it’s silly, it’s scary, it’s dramatic, and it’s fun as well.

It’s Hellboy!

8 DOWN. 22 TO GO.

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