This is definitely one of those movies that I’ve been wanting to see but probably never would’ve taken the time to sit down and finally watch if it wasn’t for this month!

It’s day 5 of Geek Mentality Movie month and so far so good. I’ve watched 5 movies I’ve never seen before in five days and this is my fifth blog post.

I’m 1/6 of the way done!

For movie #5 I watched the 2013 Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim.

Giant robots fighting giant monsters.

The movie was visually amazing and the details of the story and the story’s crisis had some great details. Some of the human stories running alongside the main story were a little cliched, but that didn’t take away from the amazing visual spectacle.

The actors were fine, many of whom I am fans of from their small screen work. The characters, although I did say cliched, were serviceable to the meat and potatoes (borrowed from @hunkburger) of the movie.

Again – giant frigging robots taking on giant frigging monsters.

Hell this summer we are seeing giant robots again and right now Godzilla is at it again in a new movie – these premises are not that original.

But the story was. This wasn’t based on any specific known toy or cartoon or comic book. It was inspired by a genre of movies and stories, but the story – the characters – the ideas were all original properties.

I wonder if that is why it didn’t do great at the box office in the US. Oh, it made over $100 million, but it cost almost double that, and I guess most of America isn’t ready for a giant movie like this that isn’t a sequel or a reboot or is based on a comic or a cartoon….(Not knocking those things, as you can see I watch and love many of those things. Just making an observation)

However, it did make over $300 million throughout the rest of the world.

And you know, they matter too. That fact alone may be why there are rumors of (here’s that word again) a sequel.

This one I watched on a 32” screen. If they do make a sequel, I promise I won’t miss seeing that one on the big screen.

But I have a few other movies to see until then….

5 DOWN. 25 TO GO.

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