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Rise of the Planet of the Apes : #FNEmoviemonth (20 of 30)

I don’t think I watched 20 movies all of last year. Maybe even longer than that. And here I am, 20 movies in 20 days with 10 more to go. Makes me wonder, could I go longer? Could I go 2 months? 4? 6? A year?

Yeah, I seriously doubt that.

At this point I just hope to do this every year. So maybe 2014 will be the first annual FNE Movie Month. I certainly hope so.

And for today’s movie I finally watched 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and apparently – I am not a fan of most humans??

Yes, I know where this movie leads. It leads to me, and you, and everyone we know – dead. It leads to apes getting smarter and taking over the world….

And yet, I was rooting for the apes the entire time.

Bad human…Bad! Bad!

But really, that was what the movie wanted you to do. Through amazing special effects and an amazing Andy Serkis performance, you felt for Cesar, The way the animators gave life to his eyes, and Serkis a realism to his movements was just unreal, but felt very, very real.

The humans, yeah they were fine. They served their purpose. I like James Franco. Love John Lithgow, they all served their purpose and played off of Cesar very nicely.

And Tom Felton is always good as a prick….

But they weren’t the stars of the movie. The stars were those apes. Those damn apes….

I love, love, love the story. As much as you are a fan of James Franco in this movie, and you realize he is one of the good humans….It’s all his fault.

It’s ALL his fault.

He’s trying to fix his dad Alzheimer’s disease, and accidentally creates a very smart chimpanzee. When the drug wear’s off on his dad, they try to make a gaseous version that is stronger.

Too strong in fact, because that is what creates the virus that we can safely assume spreads and begins the downfall of humanity. But luckily it’s not too strong for the apes – and it only makes them smarter!

So yeah, James Franco’s character simultaneously brings down the human race and evolves the ape race.

It’s all his fault, George Taylor. You can blame him for this.

Just don’t blame him for this.

This movie has nothing do with that forgettable 2001 remake, but it seems to have everything to do with the original series. I love that they worked in a side story about the first manned expedition to Mars, and that the crew was lost in space. That is obviously the crew that gets sucked into a time warp and ends up in the future, back on earth, in the original movie.

The ending of this movie, including the little scene within the end credits – and the animation within the end credits themselves – did a nice job ending this story and teasing us with how it all ends up how it all ends up. So if this was a stand alone movie, the ending is perfect.

But it isn’t.

We’re only weeks away from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. We all know how it ends. The apes win. But I love seeing how they get there, so I am definitely interested in seeing this.

Hopefully before next year’s movie month!

20 DOWN. 10 TO GO.

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