Happy July everybody. It’s been a couple days (jeez, actually a week) since posting something here which feels like forever after last month.

I’m happy to say that I be survived another successful movie month. Not successful in that I got a lot of people looking at the blog. Not successful in that I made anything more than pennies in ad revenue. It’s not about that. It was never about that.

It’s really more of a personal success. I did it. I watched 30 movies and wrote 30 of posts in 30 days. Even more fun is making the photos for each movie and sticking my face in the someplace.

I like movies and this is the way I force myself to catch up on every year. Last year I did it on my old site (the now retired geekmentality.com). I did all the same thing with putting my mug in every photo (though technically I didn’t think to do that on day one of last year, and went back a day or two later to update the photo) but I didn’t have a Facebook page, so most of the people I actually know didn’t even see or knew anything about it. Even with the Facebook page, it’s not like it made this huge difference in traffic, but it did make it more fun.

And fun is the only reason I do this – and I’m going to continue to do this every June for the foreseeable future.

You’d be surprised how many movies I don’t see during a year – never mind all the movies that are already out there that I still haven’t taken the time to watch. I already have a few that I’m ready for in 2016 – and again I can’t believe they’ve taken me this long to see.

I have a particular set of skills….I can juggle. I can play guitar. I can twirl a basketball on my finger….

And I’m good at watching stuff when I put my mind to it. It’s just that I mostly focus on TV series…

At least 11 months out of the year.

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