Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye!

It wasn’t easy. Of course it wasn’t easy. I really thought they were going to win this one going away. Even after the slow start I thought the second half would be more of the same Patriots dominance. And it just wasn’t. But this is the time of year where style points are as useful as an unused timeout.

It doesn’t matter how you win anymore. What matters is that you win. And they did.

So what they didn’t look great against the lowly Jets. Their #1 receiver was out. Their main running back was out. A starting lineman was out. And they came in, on the road, and did just enough – barely enough – but just enough to win. And that’s all that mattered.

And now it’s bye bye birdy time! That time of year when week one of the playoffs is stress-free to Patriots fans. We can just sit back and watch to see who is coming to Foxboro in week 2 of the playoffs. Home field advantage only matters if they win that first playoff game, so as big as winning next week and securing the #1 seed in the AFC, it means nothing if they don’t get that far in the playoffs – and that road just got easier with a super close/tight win against Rex, Geno, and the Jets.

Just keep winning and everything will be fine, Patriots. Okay? Deal!

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