I’m Never Mentally Prepared For A Loss : Week 11 in the NFL

It’s like no other sport. If your favorite basketball team, or favorite hockey team,  loses a game it’s not a huge deal. In a couple more days they will move on and play again. It’s only one of eighty-two games. One loss isn’t going to make a huge difference during most of the season. And if your favorite baseball team loses a game? Or three games in a row? That’s barely a blip in their long season – and they’ll play again tomorrow.

But football is like no other sport. If your team loses a game – not only do you have to wait another week for them to get back out there, but that loss could be detrimental to the teams playoff hopes. With only 16 games during a given season, every game – every week – is so important.

That’s why we love it so much.

So when the Patriots lose a game, it still – after all this time – puts me in a bit of a funk, at least sports wise. After a loss, I don’t want to see any highlights or listen to ANY sports radio. I mostly listen to the two Boston sports radio stations through the daily downloadable podcasts they put out. After a loss, I delete all the downloads and listen to nothing. Why bother putting myself through listening to all the negative talk and complaining?

There’s enough of that going around even when the win!

And when the win? I want to listen and read everything. It really is the polar opposite reaction. I’ll even sometimes check out the opponents local newspapers to see what they say – especially if everybody picked that other team to win.

So when the Patriots beat up on the Broncos two weeks ago, as you can imagine, it was sweet to watch the highlights over and over, read articles both in Boston and in Denver, and listen to everything WEEI and The Sports Hub had to offer.

Such a big win made the fact that they were going into a bye week much easier. I could live with one – long – Sunday without football knowing that my Patriots were on a roll.

But that game is over with now, and it’s time to move on to tonight’s game. They have to win this right?

They have to!

Not that I am saying there is no chance they can lose this, but it’s more me hoping/wishing/praying that they come out of Indy with a victory.

The Colts are a good team, and Andrew Luck is a good Quarterback – but he’s not quite at Brady’s level – yet.

The Colts are in good hands in the coming years, but it’s not their time yet. Right? That’s what I’m hearing at least. I hear that Luck still throws too many interceptions, and that this Indy defense has no answer for Gronk.

It’s a no brainer right? Patriots win in a shoot out? The night ends with a confident Brady shaking the hand of a Bewildered Luck, right? And the score? Let’s save that for the picks, shall we?

My Week 11 NFL Picks

I missed the Thursday night game with the Bills and Dolphins. The Dolphins won that game and look like a pretty good team. They’ll be a nice 2nd place team in the AFC East when all is said and done. As for the other games:


The Bears suck this year, but the Vikings are bad too. The game is in Chicago – the Bears have to win this, right?


The battle of the Brady back-ups. This will be interesting to see what Ryan Mallet can do in his first start in the NFL. That being said, I think Hoyer and the Browns win this one.



Newton is one of my fantasy players – and he sucks when I start him / is better when I sit him. I’m sitting him. He’ll player better. Panthers win.


The Patriots broke the Bengals this season. The Saints roll in this one.



The Redskins aren’t very good. The Bucs are worse. RGIII (he’s playing right?) leads his team to victory. They’ll feel great – but they only beat Tampa Bay – New England’s farm team.


The only thing getting in the way of the Rams pulling off a wonderful upset here is reality. The Broncos win this one easily.



I hate both teams. The Giants for obvious reasons. The 49ers because I don’t like their coach or their quarterback. 49ers are a better team – but the Giants pull off the upset.


The Chiefs look good some weeks and not so good other weeks. The Seahawks have looked off in some weeks too, and they don’t play as good on the road. Chiefs and their crowd win this one.



The other team is the Raiders. Chargers win.


Stafford is the reason I am sitting Newton. I don’t hate the Lions as much since they fired that jack-ass (carry me off the field during the regular season) coach. Cardinals are better, but have Stanton starting for the rest of the season. Cardinals win this close one.


Eagles are pretty good. Sanchez is playing pretty good. They’re going to lose in Green Bay though.



The Colts will be the best team in the league in a couple years. They’re not there yet. Patriots offense has been a horse lately. They talk about this one being a high scoring shoot out, but I don’t think it will be on both sides. The Colts will put up some points, maybe 27? But the Patriots are going to score in the 40s again and easily win this one.

I hope.



Steelers were on a roll there, but they sucked last week – against the Jets! They’re still better than the Titans and will win this one on the road.

So those are my picks for this week in the NFL? Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below or write to me on twitter.

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