A Win is a Win!

What am I doing? I should be watching Walking Dead right now! Well, that’s what DVRs are for, right? I just had to quickly write something about the game today.


Look, on one hand you can say it took the Patriots everything they had to beat a 5-5 team – but it’s so much more than that. These are the New York Football Giants, the one that the over the years has been the thorn in every Patriots fan and player’s collective side. Today doesn’t make up for what’s happened in the past.

But it still feels good.

I admit it, I was ready to give up. I thought Brady had a great game and a sub-par game all at once. Some really bad throws almost cost them this game. If the Giant defender holds on to that near interception, this game is over.

If a certain kick is a little more to the left, this game is over.

Actually, when the game went through – the game was essentially over still, but in a much better way. A much, much better way.

These are the types of wins that help mold a team. It wasn’t a blowout where fans and players can take it easy towards the end of the game. It took all 60 minutes to come away with a win.

And style points do not matter in the NFL. It’s about coming out on top, even if it’s only by one point.

This could be a character building win for this team, but for now, it’s just win number 9.

The only bad thing is…

Patriots WR Julian Edelman broke his foot today and his season is in jeopardy, source tells @FS1

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) November 16, 2015

That hurts, though I am seeing he could be back in time for the playoffs – and that is where the real fun begins anyway, right?


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