Ray Lewis is a Either A Phony Or Just Non-Smart

So this was Ray Lewis yesterday

But – this was Ray Lewis back in 2011.

And then this was Ray Lewis today.

I have immense respect for Tom Brady and everything he has achieved in this league. He will go down as one of the all-time greats."

— Ray Lewis (@raylewis) January 15, 2015

So which one is it Ray? Maybe a little of both? You either think Tom Brady is nothing without the tuck rule (which of course after that play he was awarded the Lombardi trophy right?) or you think he’s one of the best ever? Or maybe it’s just about when you’re asked.

Ray Lewis brings 0.0 to the ESPN broadcasts (which isn’t much lower than the rest of their NFL crew) and the moment he tries to say something he thinks is controversial or edgy, he doesn’t realize how super-dumb-dumb it sounds. Or maybe he does since he backed off with that tweet today.

He also tweeted that he was just trying to express his frustration with the tuck rule.

So we’ll go with non-smart. Because he’s a guy who likes to talk and sometimes, it doesn’t seem like his strong suit.

In truth he’s probably just bitter because his old team didn’t win this time (not that it was easy by any means).

And Brady? His response to Ray? ‘Everyone has an opinion.’

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