Another Red Sox Season. Another Clean Slate.

It’s 12:30pm. I am sitting at my computer enjoying my lunch break and looking out the window to see snow everywhere.

Baseball is in the air!

In about 30 minutes the Red Sox will embark on their 2016 campaign. Remember 2013? Remember how great that felt. Even with their 2011 collapse and 2012 – season that shall not be named – 2013 made it all go away.

And then it was followed up with back-to-back last place finishes. But each year as it started I thought – maybe they’ll be good again.

And here I am saying it again.

Look, they got rid of Ben and Larry and brought in Dave Dombrowski. I am hoping that signals a new way of doing things. They signed the biggest free agent pitcher available in David Price and sat down the fat Panda to play Travis Shaw at first.

I wonder if John Farrell would have had the support behind him to make such a decision if the old guard still was running the ship. Hey, I like Farrell, and he was the perfect man for the job in 2013. Since then he hasn’t done so good and I wasn’t so sure he’d be back this year. If things don’t start off so great, I wonder how long his leash is. If things don’t end great, I think he’s done here.

If you look at his track record – it’s not that good. Two 4th place finishes with the Blue Jays and two 5th (last) place finishes with the Red Sox. Sandwiched in between those performances is one 1st place Sox finish capped off by a World Series. It’s pretty great middle season, surrounded by mediocrity or worse.

This season is it for him. Succeed or he’s done.

But that’s not today. Today is Opening Day. Well, Sunday was Opening Day for a few. Yesterday was Opening Day for most, and the Sox were supposed to be on that list. But the game was postponed to today, so here we are. A 0-0 record. A clean slate. I’m ready to watch and root this team on. I just hope they don’t push me away like they did the last two season. They have just as good a chance as anyone else in their division.

And it all starts today with David Price on the mound.

Go Sox.

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