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Stranger Danger Book Club: “Rebel Robin”

Stranger Friends, the Book Club is back in session as today I talk about the 2021 Stranger Things novel, “Rebel Robin” written by author A.R. Capetta. I really REALLY enjoyed this book and I hope that comes across in this episode as I attempt to discuss in as much detail as my brain allows. I also talk about the tie in podcast, “Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins” which you can find on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (and pretty much anywhere podcasts are available). Follow author A.R. Capetta on Instagram at @ar_capetta or check out A.R. Capetta’s website at

And what timing. As this episode is going up I see that Stranger Things put out a new video, so this is 100% not the last time you are hearing from me today.


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