The Fans Pick

The Fans Make Their WWE Night of Champions Picks

Brandon (@WrestleBrand)

  • The Cosmic Wasteland (StarDust & The Acension)
  • The Dudley Boyz (Dudley Boyz will win but New Day will retain)
  • Dolph Ziggler (Ziggler wins because Summer Rae helps in… zzzzz… sorry fell asleep who cares?)
  • The Wyatt Family (Mystery Partner- Hulk Hogan or Jimmy Snuka)
  • Charlotte
  • Ryback (Either Ryback wins by DQ or this goes to a no contest)
  • Seth Rollins
  • Seth Rollins (Rollins wins both matches but Sheamus cashes in)

Joe (@NHPunk)

  • Neville and Lucha Dragons
  • New Day by DQ
  • Ryback by DQ
  • Rusev
  • Ambrose, Reigns and Mystery partner
  • Charlotte
  • Cena over Rollins
  • Rollins over Sting

Mike (@WrestleWatcher)

  • Neville and The Lucha Dragons
  • New Day retains by some trickery
  • Owens wins the IC Belt!
  • Rusev
  • Wyatts beat Ambrse, Reigns and….Daniel Bryan
  • Charlotte wins Divas Championship!
  • Cena wins the US Championship!
  • Sting wins the WWE Championship, by pinning Sheamus who cashed in to make it a triple threat.


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