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More Than Half Way Through Landover

Today I started book 4 (out of six) in Terry Brooks’ Landover series – The Tangle Box. So far I am enjoying it as much as the previous three books. To be honest, I’d enjoy anything that has these characters, whom I’ve grown very attached to, in it.

This book was written in 1994. Eight years after the previous book. That surprised me. I originally thought they all came out in the 80s (or at least the original 5). Turns out that I was wrong as this book is followed up by book 5 the following year.

Even better, last night I bought the paperback of book 6, so I am geared up to complete the entire series. That makes me somewhat sad because I don’t want to say goodby to these characters. One glimmer of hope, this last book came out in 2009 – so Landover may not be completely finished in the mind of the great Terry Brooks.

I’m holding out hope.

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