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This Is the End

It’s been way too long since I’ve added anything to this blog – and you’d think with the last few things I’ve added to the site – and with the big movie that opened today – I would be blogging about Man of Steel.

Except I didn’t go see Man of Steel tonight.

Believe me, I had every intention to. I got a friend to go with me and everything. The only thing was, the friend wasn’t SO excited to see it as I was. He also wanted to take his son, and we were going too late.

Then yesterday, the boss of my boss (both of whom are leaving where within a couple weeks) said (as we were drinking and saying goodbye to my direct boss) – “We should all go see Man of Steel around noon on Monday instead of having a meeting.”

I said…Okay.

So instead of making that my second time for Man of Steel – we decided to go see “This Is The End” Instead.

And I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

You’re all aware of this movie by now. A bunch of actors, playing themselves, go through the end of days together.

Before the movie, we saw a trailer for “Grown Ups 2.” Seeing that trailer and then watching this movie – just made me appreciate this movie even more.

It wasn’t made for broad audiences of all ages. This movie was a fresh premise that – to me – was all about “how can we make this as funny as possible.”

And they did it.

I thought I had energy, but as I type I find myself fading, so I’m not gonna go on much more. Just a couple more things.

1. Michael Cera was on screen for less than 5 minutes – and he stole the show for each moment he was in. (and Danny McBride was hilarious too – hell everybody was)

2. If you like these actors – and like to laugh – you have to see this movie.

That is all.

Superman, I will see you on Monday.

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