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Write Night Continues

Yup, that’s me.

My alarm went off at 9pm tonight with an alert: “Write Night.” I was in the middle of the latest episode of Arrow – maybe I can just take this night off.

Really? This is only the second one and I’m going to take it off? No.

I fired up the Chromebook and just made myself work on some creative writing. I want to write a book – I have a lot of it in my head, and I really like what I have. For years I’ve written blocks and rewritten parts over and over – so tonight I said the hell with it – let’s start over again.

So I started, and I went back to a first page I wrote in 2011, and I really liked it. So I copied/pasted into a new Google docs file – marked 2014, and I read it and rewrote much of it, taking out some stuff – adding some stuff in, and making it just – better I think.

I think this counts as a “Write Night” exercise. I just hope now this propels me to continue on this project. To be honest, I’d rather each week I update you that I wrote more of my story then just post another opinion blog. Sure, I want to keep doing those too – but if I had to choose, I’d choose the book.

I’m happy I did tonight.

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