American Sniper Was Simply Awesome

Last Sunday, America was in the middle of a “no football” zone. The conference championships had been the week before – the Super Bowl a week away. For me, I helped pass the time by going to the movies with some friends of mine. The film of choice – American Sniper.

And I loved it.

I am about as opposite as you can come when it comes to politics. It barely interests me, and I rarely ever like or care to talk about it. Politicians and their wars and their laws and their agendas happen every day around me, and still I need to get up, walk my dog, and work every day. I know it’s pretty important stuff, but I also know that I’m not the person you want to talk about this stuff with. Television? Sure. Sports? I try my best. Wrestling? Yeah, why not! But politics, just not my game.

So I guess I’m not really sure what to think when people come across bashing this movie. I know I’ve heard everything from “they’re glorifying war” to “that’s not what really happened.” I don’t know if everything that happened – happened. I do know that I didn’t think war was glorified in any way – if anything it helped scare the crap out of me more and made me realize, there’s a certain “something special” in the men and women who volunteer to put their lives on the line for our country – and I’m not too ashamed to say that something just doesn’t live inside me, and I am in awe of the people that do have it.

All this movie made me do was appreciate our servicemen and women that much more – and in doing so told a pretty interesting story, with some fantastic visuals and amazing performances. That’s how I am judging it – as a movie. And I thought it was a great one. It was one of those movies that, and then end, not one person moved or made a sound during the final moments – showing a part of the real Chris Kyle’s memorial services. That brought a tear to my eye, and I am sure I am not the only one.

I am not sure if he’ll win it – but I think Bradley Cooper definitely should be a top consideration for the best actor Oscar.

Say what you want about our government and military, you have that right because of men and women like the people being portrayed in this movie – and the generations of men and women that came before them, some of them by choice – others with these responsibilities thrust upon them.

All I can say is – thank you. I know I could never do it – so I am forever grateful that you can.

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