Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Teaser Trailer


It’s been quite a last 24 hours for the world of movie trailers. First yesterday, when we got a better look at The Force Awakens (and it looks amazing). Then last night, we find a leaked cell phone copy of the Batman v Superman teaser trailer.

The teaser was set to premiere on April 20th, but because of the leak, Warner Bros. moved things up a couple days and released the teaser officially today.

I haven’t ready any synopsis for this movie, and I avoid most articles that have anything to do with spoilers, so this is all just guessing from me. From what I see, this seems to be in a not-so-distant future, a few years after what takes place in Man of Steel. That opening shot shows what I assume is a Metropolis rebuilt after Superman and Zod had their epic battle that basically destroyed the city.


Looks pretty clean. And there seems to be a statue of some kind. Must be a way of thanking Superman for saving the planet right? Well, as the camera slowly zooms in on the statue, we cut back and forth through a few visuals while we hear voice over from what I am assuming, based on what they’re saying, are talk radio and nightly news shows. They’re debating on whether or not Superman is good for the world?

We see a shot of Superman of superman catching/saving what looks like is either a space capsule of some kind or a satellite.


But we also see a few shots of what look like people worshiping the Man of Steel.


Literally bowing at his feet.


Superman is seemingly all powerfaul. Is that a good thing? Sure he’s on our side now. But what if he ever turned on us? Where would we be then? Can we really trust him?

That seems to be a major plot-point of this movie. Is this super man really our hero? Look at what he’s already cost us! As you can see from the first image at the top of this article – people are not taking kindly to the fact that Superman is getting idolized. They don’t like what he’s brought to Earth and they just want him to go home.

You have to wonder, does all this negativity effect the last son of Krypton?

“That’s how it starts. The fever. The rage. The feeling of powerlessness – that turns good men cruel.”

That sounds like the voice of Alfred Pennyworth. The butler and assistant to Mr. Bruce Wayne.


We finally see our first shot of Bruce Waynefleck. I think we see some gray hair around his ears. He’s a bit of an older Bruce Wayne. And it looks like he does not trust that strange flying man.


Either it’s clever editing, or he is staring at that Batman suit. From the age of Affleck and the way he’s looking at that suit, I think there already was a Batman. There had been a Batman for a while and maybe he had hung up his cape and cowl at some point. This looks like a man at a crossroads in his life. Like a man who is deciding whether or not to but the Batsuit BACK on.

But that’s just a guess.

Okay, maybe Metropolis isn’t fully rebuilt? From the picture above, it looks like Batman is doing what he does best – being a detective. That appears to be the same train station where Superman killed Zod. Remember that? When everybody made a big frigging deal about Superman killing Zod? Because Superman doesn’t kill? Superman would never kill Zod!

Except for that time in Superman II, when he killed Zod.

But okay, back to THIS movie. It would appear to me that Batman is attempting to figure out everything he can about Superman and the battle that occurred in Metropolis. It looks like he’s going through more wreckage – maybe one of those Kryptonian ships?

He’s got his Batwing. And he looks like he’s fighting crime with it (so he’s not all consumed with Superman)

And he has his Batmobile. Where does he get his wonderful toys?

Could he even be just watching the skies of Metropolis? Waiting for blue and red blur to zoom by?

Whatever he’s doing, we know that the man dressed as a Bat, and the Blue and Red Boy Scout, do finally come face to face in film (for the first time…ever, right?)

“Tell me. Do you bleed?” It sounds like this Bruce went for digital voice altering over the cookie-monster voice this time around.

“You will.”

Exactly when can I buy a shirt with this logo on it?

The more I watch it, and the more I look at those last three screen shots of an epic moment in comic book movie history, the more psyched I am getting.

We only saw two main characters in this movie. No Lex Luthor. No Lois Lane. We heard Alfred, but didn’t see him. No Aquaman. No Perry White.

Just Bruce Wayne. Batman.

And Superman.

The Dawn of Justice is upon is, and I am ready….to wait another 10 months to finally see it. But so far, so good!!

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