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“Batman/Superman: Public Enemies” Book Report

I found this book on the shelf at Memorial Hall Library in Andover, MA – and yes I go to public libraries and take out comic books even though I am in my 30s. It pulled me in with the fact that it had my two favorite superheroes on the cover – Batman (my favorite since since the ‘89 film) and Superman (my favorite since I became obsessed with Smallville in 2005).

I seem to remember there was a animated show or movie with the same title. I thought maybe this was an adaptation of it. I was happy to later read the book came first. The collection I read is the first story arc of the “Superman/Batman” book that came out in 2003. An animated movie of this storyline was released in 2009.

This is where you’ll notice my lack of knowledge when it comes to comics. I read this collection last weekend and loved it – but I thought it was a stand alone miniseries. I didn’t realize that it was a series started in 2003 and still going on today.

I enjoy reading comic books, I love the stories and the art – but you’ll see along the way just how little I really know about the genre. This blog is more about my opinions than my knowledge…..

And my opinion of this book was fantastic.

Because it was the beginning of a series I felt comfortable reading this. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get into the ongoing Superman or Batman comic book series because there are so many different books and such a rich history. I don’t know about all the Crisis and Post-Crisis stuff except for what I hear during podcasts I listen to.

This book seemed like it allowed a newbie to start reading with just having a pretty good knowledge of the two superheroes and the world around them. The art reminded me of almost an animated-movie style and I just found the overall book and story very accessible.

I know for a fact now that I’m going to start tracking down every collection of this book until I am caught up and can start reading it new. I just wish there was a Netflix for comic books where I could pay a monthly fee to take out books to read them.

Did I just come up with a business model?

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