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Okay, I literally just finished the season finale of V – on my train ride out of Boston – and I wanted to post my thoughts on the show while they are fresh in my mind.

When this show started in the fall, it seemed like it was coupled with FlashForward as the new hot shows for ABC – and I was not that excited for a show that was just a remake of a made for TV movies I vaguely remember from the 80s.

But, I have to be honest – the more I watched this show the more I enjoyed it. Does it have flaws? What show doesn’t? So let me touch on those first.

Haven’t any of these people seen Independence Day? Let’s be honest, most alien visitors that have made to television haven’t been ALF and most that have made to the movies haven’t been MeatHead (I bet you thought I was going to say E.T.)

Would our society really grasp on to these alien visitors as their saviors? Okay, so most people did by into the V’s story hook, line, and sinker – but there are two people I want to point out for being both stupid and annoying.

Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) was not a likable character on this show. He came off as a slimy newsman that was only looking out for himself – and at the same time was so blinded to the fact that he was constantly being manipulated – even turning his back on humans so he could kiss Anna’s lizard ass.

Even more annoying is Ty – the son of Erica and love interest to V Princess. This jerk was blinded by lizard ass too – but in a different way. He was a stupid kid that came off as whiny and really naive. Okay, I guess that’s how kids are sometimes, but it doesn’t make it enjoyable to watch.

They have the most amazing advances in technology. They can heal diseases and provide clean energy for eternity – and yet they don’t seem to have ONE damn security camera in their own ship.

They put cameras inside their freaking jackets but they don’t have one even watching the thousands of eggs that Anna layed to produce her army?

And what ARE these aliens anyway? I understand that humans refer to them as Visitors (V for short) because that is exactly what they are – but why in the world do they constantly refer to themselves as that? They never mention a name of species or race – and maybe that is by design – but I think they way they did it was sloppy and it was always bothering the back of my mind.

There were also some let downs with the show. I think most of the viewers were interested in learning more about Ty’s father. They were definitely keeping him secret for a while, and keeping the reason he and Erica split up a mystery too. Was he a V? Was he John May?

The pay off is – oh he’s just a guy that left Erica because he thought Erica cheated on him. He found out that Ty’s DNA didn’t match his and he figured that he wasn’t his son and he couldn’t deal with it.

Really? That’s it? And what about the DNA thing? They set that up and don’t give us one nugget more about it to tide us over for next season. Was that even important – and if it wasn’t, what a waste of an episode and useless conflict for the characters.

And speaking of John May – I guess I was expecting more. I didn’t think he was already dead – that he was killed by Ryan, which then led Ryan to join his side? I thought he would was going to be this big time freedom fighter – not just a guy that found human emotion (although we do find out that the V see that as a both a weakness and a huge threat). He turned out to be an ideal, and while that worked, it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

But with all those complaints – still I enjoyed it. Even with those things bothering me I still wanted to finish the season because it still peaked my interest.

As far as connecting with characters, it took a while but I am starting to like the priest character, Father Jack. He acts as the moral compass for the freedom fighters and almost plays the role of the audience by asking “Are we doing the right thing?”

Looking ahead I think ABC ordered 13 episodes for a second season and honestly I don’t think the show needs any more than that. Cable shows have been using this episode number for some time and I think it works great and doesn’t leave much space for filler.

So what do you think we will see in season 2? Did the army of ships that Anna summoned poison the sky or is that just an ominous sign that they are approaching Earth’s orbit?

Will Lisa, the “princess” of the V continue to grow in the definace of her mother? And what is with Marcus healing Joshua? Did he bring him back to question him? To torture him? Or did he bring him back because he is actually 5th column? I’ve been suspecting the latter all season but with nothing more than this final scene and my suspicions I am started to think he is truly Anna’s right lizard.

Is Chad Decker finally ready to really join the fifth column and become a key player with his access to Anna?

Is Ryan really back in the V fold? Will he bring his lizard baby to ballgames?

Okay, so it’s not a great show and it’s by far not one of my favorites, but I would at least categorize it as “pretty good” or “good enought.” I am going to give it a watch in season 2 and see if they can keep my hooked enough to stay for another season.

But would it have killed them to show us at least ONE lizard face??

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