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Why I Like Chuck

As you can tell by most of my posts on this site, I am a television guy above all else. I love the long-form story process that shows go into where they develop characters, the world they live in, and the challeges that they go up against.

I also like shows that do not take themselves so seriously, aren’t afraid to be silly, look skilly or even just plain ridiculous all for the enjoyment of the audience.

And in the middle – is Chuck.

For those of you who don’t know, Chuck is about computer nerd that unwittingly becomes an integral part of the CIA because he had all of their secrets and knowledge downloaded into his brain.

He has two secret agents that pose as a girlfriend and a co-worker, but really are his handlers as he helps them take on the bad guys.

Oh, and he works in a Best Buy type store with his best friend, where he is surrounded by weirdos. Hilarious weirdos.

But, if you’re reading this the chances are you already watch Chuck or at least are familiar with it so I will spare you any more details.

My point of this post is, things sometimes happen on Chuck where I go – “yeah, right” – but unlike other shows where I would tear apart things that don’t make sense (rhymes with Hereos) – Chuck basically gets a pass from me because it is just good clean, hilarious fun.

But, don’t get me wrong. They do have some great storylines and mysteries mixed in there. Also they have good action and great spy stuff going on.

But, let’s say in one episode where terrorists are holding people hostage in a cafe, they can be clearly seen through the window, yet nobody walking by seems to notice.

Or that many of the bad guys seem to wait for the good guys to kick the guns out of their hands instead of shooting them.

I don’t care.

This show is about so much more than that. It’s about a guy named Chuck pllaying Missile Command while listening to Rush so he can unlock real missile launch codes.

It’s about an Indian lesbian and Sam Kinison in a group called Jeffster playing at a wedding for a guy named Awesome.

It’s about a guy named Morgan who can start a Fight Club in the back storage area of a store and still have time to plan out the way he plans on playing Call of Duty that night.

Chuck is so much more about the fun characters having fun than it is about honing the perfect plot to have the perfect story.

But again – the story is pretty fun and great too.

Makes me wish someone would download a computer in to my brain for once…..

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