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Not Sure How I Feel About Tonight’s New True Blood

It’s about 20 minutes since I finished tonight’s all new True Blood Season 4 premiere. When I look at the image above that I chose for this post it feels really busy to me. That’s pretty much how I feel about tonight’s premiere.

About the only thing we didn’t get were werewolves, and thank God they left SOMETHING about of tonight’s episode. I don’t want to come off as that guy who always finds something to complain about -maybe it’s the taste that True Blood left in my mouth last season – but at the end of the episode tonight I was left pretty much confused as to how I felt.

Some of it I liked. A lot of it I did not. Mostly, I think I was just confused.

I don’t want to get into spoilers, but I have to say that the first 5-6 minutes of this episode left me wanting to kick in the television. Okay, maybe that’s a little strong – I was watching at my friends house and he and his wife would have probably gotten mad at me – but I was angry at the beginning.

Again, it’s not because I truly hated it – oh there were some things that I down right despised about it, the least of which made me think I was watching a Saturday night made-for-tv SyFy movie (which I usually love to watch when I know that’s what I’m watching).

The whole “this isn’t as it looks” thing worked for me, though I did get confused, but the battle and fighting that went on was kinda ridiculous.

After we all went back to Bon Temps, I was looking forward to getting back to normal, and for the most part we did – but my major problem here is that they just seem to cram so much in with every character (except them there werewolves) that I didn’t have enough time to enjoy much of it.

Oh, and then there’s the Tara storyline. I can’t dislike her enough….I know they had to cram a lot in because we were catching up with people, but maybe if they spread it out over two episodes I would have enjoyed it more. Pacing, I think that was my major complaint.

Man, I really am becoming that guy that complains about everything. But I did like the just about everything with the vampires. That is still the strongest part of the show – any seen with Bill or Eric worked for me.

I am sticking with this show and will be back every week. I’m sure I’ll be talking to my television and complaining about certain things (Tara, sorry don’t mean to harp on her – well, yes I do) – but I’ll be doing it while enjoying (most of) every episode.

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