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Star Trek Loves The Ladies

I watched two more episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series and both of them brought some pretty lady people types to the crew of the Enterprise – though things aren’t always as they seem.

The first episode I watched was “Mudd’s Women.” It dealt with an intergalactic smuggler (hmmm, where have I seen one of those before?) that deals with finding wives for men.

Basically a space pimp. But the twist here is that these women are actually taking drugs to make them look beautiful because in reality they were actually ugly.

Is it wrong of me to wonder if they were taking the drugs right?

The second episode I watched was “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” This one deals with a doctor who learns how to create life-like androids and lives with them and even turns himself, and Kirk, into one.

Of course one of his androids is a very wonderfully dressed fembot that he also uses as the universe’s greatest sex doll.

If I’m not mistaken, this episode is the first one where Shatner gets himself a little action, right?

Two episodes and four woman who are not really as they seem – and the best looking one of them all isn’t even human.

Maybe it was this Andreadroid (see what I did there) and her wonderful outfit that swayed me, but I liked this latter episode a little better (or maybe I’m just liking the show more and more as I watch it.)

Sure the first episode had a great character like Harry Mudd (who I am happy to learn comes back in future episodes):

But “Little Girls” had Ruk:

I assumed we were finally getting a glimpse at a classic cheesy Star Trek alient – but it turns out that Ruk is a droid too – though based on the original inhabitants of the planet they were on, so he’s almost an alien, right?

I was just about to call him a Lurch-lookin mofo, when I looked him up and found out that the actor who portrayed Ruk is none other than the late, great Ted Cassidy – Lurch himself. Glad to see him stretching out his acting range….

Anyway, both episodes had something to do with some sexy(ish) ladies and I thought it’d be interesting to look them up and see where they are now all these decades later.

But that seemed like a lot of work, so here’s the short version:

All of the Mudd’s Women girls haven’t acted since the 60’s or 70’s. One of them was in Playboy and one of them (the main one played my Karen Steele) died in the 80’s.

As for Andrea the android – remember? This one?

Yes, that was just another excuse to show her hotness. But AGAIN, another actress who hasn’t worked since the 70s. Her name is Sherry Jackson. It turns out she was a child actress who even has a star on the Walf of Fame.

Makes you wonder what it takes to get a star…

Both episodes were fun and enjoyable, and even though the second one didn’t have Sulu, Scotty, or Bones – it was Kirk’s time to shine.

There were duplicate Kirks*

There was a fantastic somersault by Kirk to dodge his attackers and throw them off by slowly tumbling next to a space table.

There was this awesome machine used to create androids. Apparently you take a “Greenman-like” figure, strap them to a giant disc and spin them around – which I assume we’ll find out how Data was made in TNG?

And there was the greatest single image of James T. Kirk I think I have ever seen:

I’m not sure if there is anything else left to say except for a little shout out to Carl Biddiscombe – the set decorator that obviously approved this prop. Or at least we can hope…..

*I’m only seven episodes into the franchise and already there have been two episodes with a duplicate Kirk, which just proves my point. There is no such thing as too much Shatner.

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