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Smallville – Season 11 – Issues 1 and 2

So I was just about the talk about issue 1 of “Smallville: Season 11” when I saw that issue 2 is available. And boy am I glad I read that one before writing my thoughts.

The first one was nice. Nice to see where are favorite Smallville characters are after six months since Superman (weird finally calling him that) saved Earth. And years before the final moments of the Smallville finale.

The art wasn’t fantastic, but it’s growing on me. The first issue was really quick with showing some of the shows regulars, and had Superman saving some Russian cosmonauts and just being – Superman.

The second issue I thought was a lot more fun. We got to see Clark & Lois spend some time together – and Lex & Clark. While the last issue focused on the Superman Clark has become, this issue brought us back to the man that Clark still is.

We got to see how Lex is somewhat recuperating since his memory loss and how he already wants to defend the world from Superman – while also talking about the Russians again (not sure if that’s going to be a bigger story, but the trouble that the Russians ran into originally I think might be)

And I think the final moments of the issue brought back a familiar face that I totally did not plan on seeing again – at least I think that’s who I saw (again the art, while okay is not great).

It’s weird seeing a drawing of Tom Welling in the Superman outfit, but we all know this was his destiny and to be able to enjoy more of one of my favorite shows – even if only in comic book form – is still pretty satisfying.

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