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Started Star Trek Season 2

I’ve only recently started season two of Star Trek and already I think I like it better. I am seeing things that I find more familiar with the show already – from Spock’s Vulcan hand sign thingy (sorry not sure what the actual name for it is) to seeing Walter Koenig (RIP to his son Andrew aka Boner) on deck.

There was no explanation for him being there (yet) so I like to think he was someplace else on the ship during the entire first season and got promoted.

I haven’t noticed the whole “Red Shirt” thing as much as I thought I would yet – but I still have plenty of show to watch.

And if @hunkburger is reading this – yeah, I’ll probably be done this entire geek goal just in time for retirement…Of course then I’ll have to come up with something else to do to pass the time.

(Oh and it was great to finally see the moment that Jim Carrey talked about in Cable Guy).

I hope to post more here soon (I’ve heard that before) and plan on spending a little more time with Trek now – but I’m sure I’ll continue to watch one episode a month….

Hopefully not – until then…live long and…no, I’m not going to say it.

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