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I know – the fad has come and probably has gone – but I can’t just not document these last few days in my life…The joy, the laughter, the fun on twitter – all because of a little made-for-tv movie on SyFy…..


I remember seeing ads for it a few weeks ago and just laughing it off like I do with most of the amazing(ly bad) SyFy movies. I even missed the night it aired – but twitter didn’t.

The twittersphere was set ablaze by this little movie starring Ian Ziering and the reanimated corpse of Tara Reid (kudos to the voodoo witch doctor who pulled that off).

Sharknado tells the tale of….Well, a tornado of Sharks. But there is so much more. There’s a broken family coming together. There’s a young soul coming face-to-face with the same monsters that almost killed her as a kid….there….I’m sorry, I can’t really say this with a straight face.

The acting was mostly crap. The effects were crap. The editing and pacing, and dialogue – crap, crap, crap. You put that all together and what do you get?


This reminded me of a big budget version of Birdemic with at least some real actors in it. The scenario is ridiculous – and how are band of heroes deal with it is even more ridiculous.

And I’ve watch it all the way through twice in the past two days. I talked by buddy out of going to a real movie so we could stay home and watch it last night. His 8 year old son and a friend came home while were in the middle of it – and the four guys were watching and laughing at just how silly everything was.

As I mentioned – celebrities and regular folks were tweeting all about Sharknado the night it premiered. But the tweets outweighed the amount of people that were actually watching it. In fact, the ratings were down a bit from the usual average for SyFy original movies.

But that doesn’t matter – SyFy should know they have a winner here. The buzz along pushed them to re-air it on Thursday night, when I watched and tweeted through it live (watched it on demand last night).

There is already talks of a sequel – why not? These things can’t be hard to produce – they make them all the time anyway.

I know I’ll be watching. Perhaps SyFy has the next cult movie on its hands. Could there be screenings for years to come? Maybe. Maybe not.

But, thanks to @grantimahara for catching this at San Diego Comic-Con, the cult status of Sharknado may indeed just be building.

Best costume I've seen today at #SDCC? #SharkNado!!

— Grant Imahara (@grantimahara) July 18, 2013

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