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I had been waiting for this moment for almost a year – longer really. Finally, Dolph Ziggler is WWE’s World Heavyweight Champion.

My first recollection of Dolph was just as “a guy” – just a guy that had “the look” so they put him on TV. I was very wrong. When I was a DVR guy (now I’m a Hulu guy)T I found myself fast-forwarding a lot through matches to get to the story stuff. I know, it’s actually a pretty crappy way to enjoy a wrestling show – but skipping through the wrestling – but sometimes it’s hard to find 2 (and 3) hours for to spare.

I know one Monday night I was watching it live when Dolph was matched up against CM Punk – the man who got me back into watching wrestling on a weekly basis. I admit it – I love it, but I wasn’t watching it. I would go to local company shows – I even watched the last season of Tough Enough, but I wasn’t watching the actual product. CM Punk changed that for me, and he quickly became my favorite.

Well, they had him go up against Ziggler one night and I actually thought – why are they making Punk fight this guy? And then I actually watched the match.

And I saw too amazing performers in the ring. I finally understood it. I finally got it. I instantly became a Dolph Ziggler fan….my NEW favorite.

I watched as his character got better and better – and his in ring performing was easily one of the best in the company. I couldn’t stand that he was still marred down by Vickie Guerrero (who can scream but can’t talk worth a damn) and Jack Swagger (I used to say Zack Ryder made Swagger jealous – but that was before he came back). It sucked watching this guy not get elevated.

When he won Money in the Bank, I figured that was his moment. He finally had a chance to get the World Title. Now, I know that the World Title isn’t the same thing as the WWE Title. To me the current World Title is what the Intercontinental title used to be – and the Intercontinental title – well that’s become a YouTube pre-show.

He held on to that case for almost a year (since July). In that time we saw him break away from Vickie (while Swagger was I assume in some military compound) and instead they put him with AJ (who he called “trash” like 2 weeks earlier) and some new dude name Big E. Langston.

I was okay with this only because now Dolph was the leader of this little cliq – but I heard an interview recently (on Busted Open Radio – great show) where he said he wants to have the chance to prove that he can do it on his own.

This past Sunday was Wrestlemania – Dolph’s only match was a tag-team title shot with Big E. against Team Hell No. They lost – Dolph is incredible at losing. Nobody takes a bump like Dolph Zigger.

My inner-mark couldn’t care less about the tag-team title for Dolph. It was Wrestlemania – I wanted him to cash in his Money in the Bank and win the World Title! Alas, it didn’t happen.

You may have read the rumor that Dolph was going to cash in on Cena and win the WWE title but the creative team changed things at the last second leading the Rock to be pissed and skip last night’s Raw. I don’t know how much of this is true – considering that Dolph’s briefcase isn’t supposed to be for the WWE title – so how could they have done that? The answer is – it’s WWE they can do what they want, but that would have left plenty of smart fans asking questions.

Whether that was supposed to happen or not – it didn’t happen. Dolph left Wrestlemania with his briefcase and no World Title.

And then came last night.

Seriously, is the Raw after Wrestlemania not the most epic night of free WWE wrestling each year!? That crowd was amazing, chanting all night for different people. Singing Fandango’s theme. And chanting “We Want Ziggler” over and over during a tag-match featruing the World Champ Alberto Del Rio. This guy is supposed to be a heel – a bad guy – and the place was chanting for him.

When Del Rio was nursing his hurt leg at the end of the match – and Ziggler’s music hit – I thought the place was going to erupt. I found myself cheering in my living room. After a few tense seconds, he pins Del Rio and won the belt. He went crazy – the crowd went crazy. The Internet went crazy.

Remember, this is supposed to be a “bad guy” right?

It was one of those perfect wrestling moments that, even though we all know it’s scripted, just makes you realize why you love it so much.

Sunday night, my brother and 3 of my cousins were at MetLife for Wrestlemania. Tonight my buddy is at the Smackdown taping at the TD Garden in Boston – my home area. Me? I’m just sitting on my back porch blogging about wrestling – inspired to reboot this blog and write about something that I enjoy – thank you to CM Punk for bringing me back – and thank you to Dolph Ziggler for being the type of performer that keeps me coming back.

Oh, I mean thank you to the World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler….

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