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I Can’t Believe It. Community Will Return! #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

“We’ll definitely be back next year”

It’s the news that millions of Community fans have been waiting to hear, but were starting to fear they weren’t going to….

Community is coming back for a sixth season.

There was a time when, if a show was canceled by a network, the only hope of that show returning would be if one of the few other networks were to pick it up. Back in the 90s, to Friday night staples of family television were canceled by ABC – Family Matters and Step by Step. CBS came in and made a deal to bring both show over to their Friday nights, where they both lasted on more season.

At that time, that was the only way you’d see a favorite show, canceled too soon, come back.

Oh sure, there is the chance of a movie for TV shows, but Fireflys/Serenitys don’t come along every day.

Today, the world of “television” is so much different. There are basic cables channels and premium cable channels making both drams and comedies that the major networks could only dream of.

The major networks pull in numbers that most cable channels dream of, but the fact that they can do more, even though they reach less people, can often make for a much more satisfying television show.

And more recently – the Internet. Four years ago if somebody told you they were on a show that was only available on “The Internet” you’re eyebrow would probably raise. Mine would.

But that is no longer. Places like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are not only delivering us shows we know and love to both our televisions and mobile devices – but they’re also producing their own content, with Netflix leading the way in quality (in my opinion.)

And of these big three…All of them passed on a sixth season of Community. Honestly, I don’t know if discussions were broached with any of them, but when a cult favorite of a show goes away, after Netflix brought back Arrested Development last year, this is where I look to see if there is hope.

And it was starting to look like there was no hope.

Until yesterday.

From Yahoo! of all places.

Yahoo! Screen to be more specific. Yesterday, they announced that they were bringing Community back from the dead for a 13-episode sixth season – the deal being struck on the last day the cast would have been released from their contracts at midnight. 

This means that in fact “Six Seasons and a Movie” is still an attainable goal.

It’s just a day to smile. The world is a happier place.

Abed was right when he said it….

“”We’ll definitely be back next year”

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