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House of Cards : Season 2

Kevin Spacey is amazing. This show is amazing.

I know what you’re thinking. Now? This second season of House of Cards was released in February – and you’re blogging about it now.

It’s funny how that works out. I actually did the same thing with this show’s first season. Watched a couple early on and then finished it last July. And here I am again. I am not sure why this happens, but I think it may have to do with the model of how the show is available.

Notice I didn’t say that the second season “premiered” in February. I said it was “released” – the entire season – on one day. That is what makes Netflix so unique. They’re putting out these well produced shows and just giving the entire thing to their audience at once.

It is a great thing for the audience, but let’s say you watch the entire season in one weekend. Then what? Then you have to wait another year for new House of Cards. Shows like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black (both Netflix shows) get amazing buzz around the time of their release…Then, it’s kinda quiet. That’s the one drawback – for Netflix – about giving the audience everything at once.

Breaking Bad fans – or Game of Thrones fans – we’d watch one episode a week. Talk about it for days. Then get ready for the next episode. The experience and the discussion goes on for months.

House of Cards? The discussion is a bit more fragmented because some people watch it all at once, some people space it out, and some people wait way too long and THEN watch it all at once….That was me.

But you know what – it doesn’t really matter. Netflix has the subscriber already. You’re paying your monthly fee because you want these shows right away. Netflix is actually putting the customer first instead of putting their own need for long term buzz first.

Oh yeah, wasn’t this post about the show itself?

Right, right…Where was I. Oh right – Kevin Spacey is amazing.

I know the writing is there – the writing is amazing – but his performance is what totally sells this show. Really, all the performances are, but he steals the show at every moment.

Here we are again with another lead character that you’re not sure if you are supposed to hate him or love him…Then they make it pretty clear you are supposed to hate him.

But you love him anyway. You’re rooting for a bad man – at least I was, but then I found that I wasn’t. I was going back and forth with my opinions of him. Knowing I should despise him, but loving watching him be so bad.

And with just one turn – one look into the camera, he can make you feel. Can make you smile. Can make you shake you’re head. It’s truly a remarkable job of acting.

I love Breaking Bad and I love Bryan Cranston. I have a feeling that he may walk away with the Emmy for his final turn as Walter White. But if he doesn’t – there is no doubt in my mind it should go to Frank Underwood himself, Kevin Spacey.

The show this year showed me one thing – The Underwoods are all about power and manipulation. There was one scene…One moment…Late in the season. I texted my cousin and asked him “Did I just see what I thought I saw?”


It was weird. It felt out of place at first. But the more I think about it. The more I realized it was all about the power. The Underwoods can do or take whatever they want, whenever they want it, even if it’s just for the sake of saying they did.

And they did.

This season saw some new faces come in, some old faces go…Some will be missed. Others, not as much. 

And who knew that Gerald McRaney could be so awesome?

It’s just a splendid spectacle of acting and writing. Drama and suspense. Each episode looks like a movie.

Netflix really has outdone itself with its original programs – and the Emmy Awards have taken notice.

I look forward to next February when I can watch one or two episodes, and then wait 5 months to watch the rest and blog about it…

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