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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What a summer! I’ve seen like….3 movies! That’s a lot for me. When I was a kid in high school, my brother and I would go to the movies almost every weekend. We saw everything. We’d pack a couple generic sodas and $.99 double cheeseburgers into our ultra-cool fanny packs and walk right into an 11am showing of Weekend at Bernies 2. Surprisingly there was no crowd.

This past Saturday night, there was a crowd as I went with some friends to go see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I am so glad that I finally saw Rise just a couple weeks ago as part of my first annual FNE Movie Month. I joked that I probably wouldn’t see this movie until next year’s movie month – but alas I was wrong.

And I am so glad that I was.

This was a really cool movie. The fact that they can get you to believe that the CGI character you are looking at is actually there on the screen is nothing short of amazing.

The animators and performers in this movie got you to feel – to really feel – for the apes. Hell, even more than the humans.

While the humans were an integral part of the movie, you really were focused on the apes. The last movie ended where you could think – okay this leads right into the original movie. But this movie shows you that it wasn’t an instant annihilation of the human race. It takes time to get where we are to where we all know we are going.

At least one more movie’s worth.

But really, the apes are just barely speaking. In the future, they’re perfectly evolved – so we’re talking hundreds or thousands of years passing.

So when my friend asked if Cesear’s son was one of the apes in the original movie – no. I shook my geeky head….No….

What can I say – great movie – great effects.  GREAT performances, mainly by Andy Serkis.

Just really happy with it and look forward to the next one…I assume…

”______ of the Planet of the Apes.”



Ooh, I like that. You heard it here first.

“Genesis of the Planet of the Apes”

Way too long, but you never know…

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