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The WWE Network

The WWE has been teasing a major announcement to be broadcast online from CES in Las Vegas earlier this evening. The overwhelming concensus was that wrestling giants were going to finally announce the launch of the long promised “WWE Network.” And that’s exactly what we got.

But what were we getting? Were we going to get a traditional cable channel that we can add to our contracted package if were on the right tier? (Stupid cable). We’re we gong to get an updated version of the on Demand WWE experience already available? Neither.

The WWE is being extremely smart and bypassing traditions all together. The new WWE Network is too going to be 100% online. Instead of changing your cable box over to channel 8734, you turn OFF your cable box and use one of the on-traditional media outlets most of us already have and use for streaming content. I’ve been begging the WWE to have a Roku channel for years and finally they’re going to give me one.

But what am I getting and for how much?

I’m getting everything.


There will be weepy shows. Live programming. An amazingly huge library of content. And every monthly PPV. Live. Every one.

For $9.99 a month.

WWE fans rejoice because this is pretty amazing.

Think about it, if you got every Pay-per-view the company put out you’re paying well over $400 a year. With this new model, you’re paying less than $120. And you get so much more than just the monthly PPVs.

So this got me thinking. Will the WWE still put out DVDs or will all of their specials be on the network? And can they still refer to the PPVs as “pay per views” anymore or will they they just be refered to as “WWE Major Events” or something like that “available as PPV or via the network?”

I apologize if this isn’t making sense. My eyes are getting heavy and blogging on a phone isn’t ideal…

One hitch with the network is, unlike hulu or netflix, there is a 6-month commitment. Not ideal, but I understand they don’t want people coming and dropping right away. They want us to commit so they have time to win us over and of course get more money. But with Wrestlemania 30 being the first PPV (see I’m still calling it that) to air, who wouldn’t spend the 60 bucks for the commitment over the $70 that WM alone costs in HD?

And who doesn’t want to see Howard Finkel and Roddy Piper living in a house of old wrestlers?
I’m sold.

And now I’m closing my eyes to try that sleep thing.

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