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The Freedom To Do Nothing

For tonight’s Write Night I just want to take a few moments to talk about my big plans this weekend.

Nothing. I have nothing planned.

Early Saturday morning I am bringing my wife to the airport with her friend. They’re going down to visit my wife’s parents in Florida. From Saturday until I pick her up when she returns on Thursday it’s just me and the beagle.

And Monday and Tuesday off.

And lots of Netflix.

And food.

And the WWE Network.

I also plan on reading some books – both comic and non-comic form.

And I do have to get outside to take the dog out, so that at least ensures I get off the couch and see sunlight.

Plus I hope to get my brother hooked up with my old Roku, and bring my ill guitar to Guitar Center to get looked at. And help my mom with her new MacBook.

Okay, I guess I have some plans, but for the most part it will be me and Clay (the beagle boy) and Hulu and Netflix and….

No actually that’s about it. I may actually nap which rarely ever happens.

I will miss my wife a lot, but I know she’ll have a blast in the warm weather and me?

I’ll get by, somehow.

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