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Very Happy To Have The Walking Dead Back

Last Sunday night marked the return of one of television’s best shows, The Walking Dead. This is the level of show that I make the drive over my friend’s house so we can watch it together.

And I get there at 9:15pm so we can start it late and breeze through the commercials.

And we realize at 9:16pm that he screwed up his DVR and we wouldn’t be watching.

Last Monday marked the return of one of television’s best show, The Walking Dead. Yes because of that dumb-dumb, I had to wait until Monday.

But that was okay with me because of how good the episode was.

To me there are three types of Walking Dead episodes. There’s the “bat of out hell crazy episode where everyhing’s gone to crap” episode – usually a season finale. There’s the “a lot is happening to progress us in the story” episode.

And then there are episodes like this. The “Character Heavy” episodes. The episodes where not a lot happens but you’re brought deeper into the development of characters.

This episode allowed us to see a side of Michonne – a part of the person she was before. What she had. What she lost. How desperate she has become.

We also got to see more into Carl’s head. How he thinks he knows all. How he thinks he really doesn’t need his father or anybody else. His father ruined everything and was too busy playing farmer to protect any of them. By the end of that we see that Carl needs – wants – his dad more than he even realized.

And we see that he can put a way a ton of pudding.

By the end of the episode, Michonne ends of tracking down a much happier Rick and Carl. We don’t see them meet face-to-face, but you know they do and it’s one of those rare “happy ending” episodes that I doubt we’ll see too many off.

Oh and there still were plenty of zombie kills to fill in the episode, but the undead were just background filler, just obstacles placed in the way of our characters as they try to figure out what they are going to do next with their lives.

But it least looks like they’ll be figuring it out together.

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